Blockchain Academy

Blockchain Academy kicks off at InogarArt on the 25th of May with the President of the Digital Transformation Association, İsmail Hakkı Polat.

The Academy participants will take part in an education and experience program that aims to build theoretical and practical bridges between art and blockchain, the technological substructure of bitcoin, which is considered as the next level of Internet and develop innovative projects by this means.

The education program has been planned extensively to include not only general information about the term blockchain, but also an experimental workshop which will allow the participants to correlate blockchain and art, and create arts and culture project ideas through blockchains, as well as a cryptocurrency competition in a hackathon format which will enable those ideas to turn into cryptocurrency projects.

If you are interested in deciphering the codes of blockchain technology, which will allow artists and their work meet art enthusiasts without the need of a physical space or mediator, and thus transform the business and income models in the art world completely, don’t miss Blockchain Academy!

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